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Light Opal & 18K Gold Necklace

Light Opal & 18K Gold Necklace


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What a statement piece. A huge solid Australian opal of over 25ct. This stone is of very rare, old stock. This means it was mined over 20 years ago and shows that it is stable and a true gem-grade stone. A stunning pendant that looks equally classy for a special event or as an everyday stand out. Set in solid 18K gold, it is a piece that will certainly warrant handing down to your daughter or granddaughter to be a family heirloom. Photos and video cannot do this opal any justice it is just so special. A darker shade crystal opal that has multiple patterns and colour play, it also shows a different body tone depending on the light source. A clearer more crystal-like stone in daylight, a darker deeper colour under incandescent or LED light and a lighter characteristic under fluorescent light. Its many depths of colour are bound to captivate you as much as she has to all of us. It’s the start of a love affair that will touch your very soul.

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Client Services

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